Uppvaktningen Movie score for short film by Jonathan Norberg 2018. MOVIE SHORT PRODUCTION BY: JONATHAN NORBERGMUSIC BY: THOMAS MEDELHEIM


Moggles Musical score for crowdfunding campaign “Moggles – Virtual Reality in you pocket” in 2015. A foldable headset with a motion hand controller, head tracking technology app for web browsers

Länge leve!

Länge leve! Musical score for Hushållningssällskapet in Jämtland. For a series of short films in celebration of their 200 year anniversary. Production by: Martin FryklundMusic by: Thomas Medelheim

STF Abisko Turiststation

STF Abisko Turiststation Advertising production by Abisko. Film by: Martin FryklundMusic by: Thomas MedelheimProject leaders: Louise Johansson, Abisko and Åsa Säfström, Abisko