Game idea: Medelheim
Publisher: Ninjaprint

The super powered card game

KAPOW! is a fast, thrilling card game in which you have to pit the might of your superhero squad against the world, in your quest to become the very best in the universe. The heroes in your team might not exactly be A-listers – but what they lack in talent and useful, appealing superpowers they more than make up for with enthusiasm. And weaponry.

Lead an unlikely cast of characters as you smash through your opponents’ defenses, knock out their headquarters and barricade yourself against counter-attacks. But be wary of that grotesque gang of supervillains lurking in the shadows – they play by their own rules and want nothing more than to put a dent in your plans.

Now, more than ever, we’re all holding out for a hero – or even better, a team of them. And while KAPOW! might not be a game about the heroes we need, it’s definitely one about the heroes we deserve.”

Kim W. Andersson

Rickard Höök